This is a fansite for Irish  writer Anne Enright, who is an excellent writer whose novels we enjoy tremendously – especially The Gathering and The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch.  Her writing style is wonderful and her way of telling her tales – to our mind – really sets her apart. We have noticed that there was no web site for Anne Enright, even though she is a writer of very high standing who has won prizes and much praise for her writing. We think she deserves more of a web presence!

We have finalized the creation of what we consider a good looking, serious and attractive web design – including layout, formats, fonts,  etc – for this site. We want to create a site worthy of the author. But the site is still under construction, and we will be adding more content about the author, her books and more over time.

The site is affiliated with Google and Amazon. You can support the site by using the links provided here. Just to be clear on this issue: This site is not expected to make us money! This is a hobby site for us – we do not expect to be paid for the hours spent on this. The very few dollars we may make on these ads will hopefully contribute towards the costs associated with developing the site, software used and to costs of hosting the site. Basically this is a not-for-profit site.

We hope the site can help to make the literary qualities of Anne Enright more visible on the internet, and perhaps encourage a few more people to read and enjoy her books! We also hope this can become a site for other fans where we can discuss her works.

If you have questions or comments, book reviews, important news,  or stories you want to submit, or want to sponsor the site or post an ad here, get in touch with us at Cindy (at) anneenright.com!

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